Do You Know How Much Your Fluids Are Costing You?


Studies show that over 80% of all hydraulic and lubrication system failures are caused by improper fluid conditions.

It doesn't matter if the systems are mature or are new and in-warranty; all systems are susceptible to failures that can occur at any time from improper fluid conditions.

Improper fluid conditions can be created by a number of sources such as particle contamination, poor moisture control, improper fluid operating temperature and excessive gasses.

These conditions, left untreated and uncorrected, can lead to systems failures and, ultimately, cost you money in a number of ways:

  • Too much downtime
  • Component malfunction
  • Failure within warranty
  • Replacement of capital equipment
  • Out of spec product

Poorly controlled fluid conditions reduce your operational efficiency and profits.

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We Provide Solutions!

Fluid Solutions, a division of Southwestern Controls, provides high-performance high-return-on-investment solutions for hydraulic and lubricated systems.

We provide solutions through proven processes for fluid condition control that provides training, monitoring, systems and consultative services; all integrated into an synergistic and effective solution to every fluid management hurdle.

Apply our fluid management processes to your business, gain more control over your production and …

  • Virtually eliminate unpredicted failures.
  • Dramatically reduce out-of-spec product, discards and re-work.
  • Extend the life of equipment, parts and fluids.
  • Improve safety, reliability and precision.
  • Reduce adverse environmental impacts.

Our approach to fluid condition control and management benefits from decades of hands-on experience — in the field, in the laboratory, in the plant.

Our approach to fluid condition will increase the productivity of your machines and the profitability of your business.